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Yamaha FG700 vs FG800 Acoustic Guitars - What's New

Posted by Austin Bazaar on 18th Mar 2016

Yamaha FG800 vs FG700 guitar

For years the Yamaha FG700s guitar has stood out as one of the top affordable solid top acoustic models available. We are excited to announce that Yamaha has just released the FG800, an updated version of this best-selling model. You may be wondering--what's the difference between the FG700 and the new FG800? Read on to find out!

Building upon a legacy

Let's first take a look at what made the Yamaha FG700 guitar so popular. On its surface this is a pretty standard looking acoustic dreadnought guitar. Considering the solid spruce top (which makes a world of difference when it comes to guitar tone and resonance) and $199 price tag, we consider this guitar quite a bargain.

Beyond the affordable price, the FG700 features excellent craftsmanship and a slim neck profile that was designed with comfort and playability in mind. Yamaha has a history of putting out well built but affordable guitars, and the FG700 is no exception. 

The new Yamaha FG800 in Natural and Black (Austin Bazaar exclusive) finishes

The new Yamaha FG800 in Natural and Black (Austin Bazaar exclusive) finishes.

The New and Improved FG800 Guitar

The new Yamaha FG800 guitar has many of the same great features as its precursor, including a solid spruce top with Nato/Okume back and sides and a rosewood fretboard. The main update is that this model features scalloped bracing, a design innovation that allows the top of the guitar to resonate more for louder and stronger sound in the low- to mid-ranges. So you can expect that the FG800 will have a lot more bass and resonance due to the scalloped bracing which was not present on the FG700.

Where the FG700 was only available in a Natural gloss finish with a tortoiseshell pick guard, the new FG800 is now available in a cool all-black finish with black pick guard. This special edition black version of the FG800 is available exclusively from Austin Bazaar!

A few things come to mind when thinking of Yamaha acoustic guitars; simple, playable, and great looking. Playing this FG800, you can really tell a difference in its ability to project sound due to the new scalloped bracing. The tone and feel of this guitar are great, and the smooth satin finish on the back of the neck helps so your hand won’t stick. Typically you don’t find solid top guitars at this price point, so this is definitely one of the best values for your money.

The FG800 can be a great guitar for a beginner, intermediate, advanced player, with the ability to play all types of music on this acoustic. This is a worthy successor to the bestselling acoustic guitar of all time.

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Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar Bundle - Natural

Yamaha FG800 Acoustic Guitar Bundle - Black

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