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Fender Telecasters

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The Fender Telecaster is the first commercial, single cutaway solid-body guitar that was made by Fender. The typical Fender Standard Telecaster consists of two single coil pickups, 3-way pickup switching, 1 tone and 1 volume knob. The Tele has been known to produce a bright, rich, and cutting tone or more of a warm mellow sound depending on your pickup selection.

The Standard Telecaster combines the best of old and new, with hotter single-coil pickups, shielded body cavities, medium jumbo frets, and six-saddle strings-through-body bridge. They are a favorite as the lead instrument in country, electric blues, funk, and rock and roll with its ability to hold out long sustain. The simple design and make-up of the Tele means it is easy to customize. You can “Hot-Rod” your tele by replacing the single coil neck pickup with a humbucker, or add a third single coil pickup into the mix. You can mix and match all you want to get your desired sound!

As far as classic guitars go, you cannot go wrong with a Fender Standard Tele. A long-time favorite of many musicians, the Tele will give you soaring leads and mellow rhythms. The many different variations we offer at Austin Bazaar will let you find the right guitar for the right price. Take a look around!