Tenor Ukuleles

The tenor ukulele is the size right in the middle of the ukulele family. Smaller than a baritone and larger than a concert, the tenor uke still retains that sweet high pitched tone while offering a little larger neck and body. This helps for those of you with big hands!

Tenor ukuleles offer larger bodies, which is ideal if you have larger hands or if you're used to a guitar. They are still tuned the same as a traditional ukulele, so they still have that sweet uke sound.

Tenor ukuleles are unique because many of them are available with specialty options. For example, Oscar Schmidt makes a long-neck and a wide-neck tenor ukulele, to help those with larger hands play comfortably. If you're used to a guitar, this may also be a good option for you.

No uke is complete without a tuner, a case, and picks. So we created a bundling system for all our ukes at Austin Bazaar that lets you choose the upgrade to fit your needs specifically. If you're curious about uke accessories, we have a Ukulele Accessory Buying Guide to help you out in our blog.