Orange Crush 50 Glenn Hughes Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier - Purple w/ Footswitch

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Orange Crush 50 Glenn Hughes Limited Edition Bass Guitar Combo Amplifier - Purple Bundle with Footswitch, Instrument Cable, and Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth

Austin Bazaar is an authorized Orange dealer.

Adding value to your purchase, Austin Bazaar bundles your instrument with necessary accessories. Everything you need to start playing immediately comes in one box. Save yourself the hassle and save some money while you're at it. An instrument cable is included so you have an extra. An Austin Bazaar polishing cloth is included so you can keep your new instrument in mint condition.

  • Inspired By: The Crush Bass 50 compact combo, inspired by Orange's flagship AD200 and OB1 bass amplifiers, perfectly blends some of the most defining elements of each
  • Powerful Active Parametric EQ: The Crush Bass 50 features an EQ circuit inspired by our prestigious 4-Stroke Series amplifiers. At its centre is a parametric mid-band. This presents players with a much greater degree of control over the sound than a traditional EQ, allowing them to vary the frequencies they want to hear. The mid band covers a wide range, sweeping from 300Hz (fully counter-clockwise) to 2.7kHz (fully clockwise), meaning this amp can be fine-tuned to suit any musical style
  • Blend and Gain: The Blend and Gain controls are a nod to the many bass players who experiment with guitar and bass amps simultaneously. In this 'bi-amped' setup, layers of harmonics and distortion from the guitar amp are blended with the core bass tone to create the ultimate full-range live sound
  • Analogue Design and Ported Cabinet: The Crush Bass series delivers fat, rounded sound thanks to an all analogue signal path. The Crush Bass 50 houses a 12-Inch speaker with a reflex port for an improved low-end response. The buffered effects loop has been engineered for maximum transparency, ensuring your pedal arsenal will perform to its peak
  • Headphone Output and Aux Input: The headphone output features Cabsim circuitry which emulates the response of our stage-ready OBC bass speaker cabinets during silent practice. This signal can also be sent to a console for seriously authentic direct recording. The Aux. Input allows for connecting external audio sources for backing tracks whilst the handy onboard tuner makes for quick tune-ups between jams

  • The Crush Bass 50 compact combo, inspired by Orange's flagship AD200 and OB1 bass amplifiers, perfectly blends some of the most defining elements of each. It has the essentials of a recording amp and delivers warm, clean bass tones, vintage growl with fat low end and blendable overdrive. Like the rest of the Crush Bass range, this 50 Watt model delivers bold and punchy lows courtesy of its analogue circuitry and ported cabinet. The extremely flexible active EQ section includes a sweepable parametric mid band, allowing players to shape their signature sound without limitations. For even more versatility, the interactive Gain and Blend controls are primed for creating enormous 'bi-amped'-style tones with ease, adding extra harmonics and variable levels of grit to the core bass tone. They can also be switched in remotely using the optional footswitch. Other handy features include a buffered effects loop, integrated tuner, aux. input and a headphone output with our Cabsim circuitry.
    SPEAKER: 12"
    UNBOXED DIMENSIONS (W X H X D): 43 _ 48.5 _ 27.5CM (16.93 _ 19.09 _ 10.83")
    UNBOXED WEIGHT: 14.45KG (31.85LB)
    • Model Number: CRUSH-BASS-50-LTD-COMBO-DLX

    CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm