Moog 104HP Powered Eurorack Case

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Moog 104HP Powered Eurorack Case

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  • Moog Powered Eurorack Case: Experience full-powered Moog magic in your Eurorack rig with the 104HP case, crafted for synthesists of every flavor.
  • Plug-and-Play Design: Moog's case features a straightforward layout with sliding nuts and 30 mounting screws, ensuring painless mounting for Eurorack modules.
  • Powerful Supply Circuit: With 10 16-pin power connectors, multi-layered noise filtering, and robust protections, Moog's case delivers reliable power with iconic craftsmanship, including stylish wooden ends.
  • Versatile Compatibility: Beyond Moog modules, the case accommodates anything clocking at 1.7 inches or less, making it the top choice for rackmounted setups, as endorsed by synthesists at GearNuts.

  • Full-powered Moog Magic for Your Eurorack Rig As a premiere purveyor of standout synths, Moog knows a few things about Eurorack rigs. They've applied their decades of expertise to include all Eurorack synthesists of every flavor with their 104HP Powered Eurorack Case. Equal parts thoughtful and elegant, the case is designed with a straightforward, plug-and-play layout, including sliding nuts and 30 mounting screws for painless mounting. A total of 10 16-pin power connectors are accompanied by a powerful supply circuit that includes multi-layered noise filtering, isolation, and ESD/overload protections. Iconic Moog craftsmanship includes stylish wooden ends as well as a form factor made to fit perfectly in Moog multi-tier rack kits. Of course, this isn't exclusively for Moog modules -- anything clocking it at 1.7 inches or less will have plenty of room for power. Synthesists at GearNuts concur that Moog's Powered Eurorack Case is the preeminent choice for rackmounted
    • SKU: MOO-RM-KIT-PWR-0501-01
    • Model Number: RM-KIT-PWR-0501-01

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