Boss AD-2 Acoustic Preamp

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Boss AD-2 Acoustic Preamp

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  • Acoustic-electric guitar preamp with advanced BOSS sound processing
  • Sophisticated under-the-hood processing with multiple interlocked parameters, accessible with simple stompbox controls
  • Acoustic Resonance reproduces the complex resonance characteristics of an unplugged acoustic
  • Ambience knob provides wide-ranging, studio-quality reverb optimized for acoustic guitar
  • Notch filter for instant feedback reduction

  • With the AD-2 Acoustic Preamp, acoustic-electric guitarists can now experience natural, studio-quality sound while performing on any stage. Equipped with an advanced BOSS sound engine, this compact pedal packs sophisticated processing power that belies its small size and simple, intuitive interface. Acoustic Resonance reproduces the complex resonance characteristics of your unplugged tone, while Ambience provides pro-level reverberation perfectly optimized for acoustic guitar. The AD-2 also features essential stage tools such as a notch filter for feedback control, a balanced DI out for direct connection to a PA, and a convenient mute function for tuning and switching guitars.

    Bring Your Acoustic's Natural Sound to the Stage: The tone of an acoustic guitar is created by the complex interaction of sounds from its body, top, strings, and other elements. And as you play with varying techniques, dynamics, and more, this interaction constantly evolves to create the rich, woody sound we love. Unfortunately, the standard undersaddle piezo pickups installed on most stage guitars simply can't reproduce this resonant complexity. The AD-2's Acoustic Resonance effect solves this issue by analyzing the input signal as you play, and then employing advanced processing to beautifully recreate your guitar's naturally evolving tone. Twisting the one-knob control adjusts multiple parameters inside the AD-2 to achieve the perfect tonal balance for any style, from delicate fingerpicking to intense strumming.

    DI Output and Feedback Killer: The AD-2 features two independent outputs for performance flexibility. Connect the Output jack to your acoustic guitar amp or stage monitor, and use the Line Out to send a balanced signal direct to the PA mixer. It's even possible to turn off the Ambience effect in the Line Out signal, giving the PA engineer the flexibility to add their own reverb at the board. And if you encounter any low-frequency feedback issues on stage, the AD-2's notch filter has you covered. As soon as you hear that familiar rumble, just turn the Notch knob until it goes away. It's that easy!

    Enhance Your Guitar with Pro-Quality Reverb: After using Acoustic Resonance to bring back your guitar's natural, intimate tone, adding some further depth and dimension with a little reverb makes it that much better. With the AD-2's Ambience effect, you can dial in studio-quality reverb for any performing environment. Unlike standard reverbs that can cloud an acoustic guitar's sound, the optimized BOSS algorithms in the AD-2 produce lush, deep ambience that perfectly complements your instrument's voice. Like the Acoustic Resonance effect, a simple one-knob control tweaks many interlocked parameters under the hood, giving you access to a wide range of detailed reverb sounds.
    Nominal Input Level: -20 dBu
    Input Impedance: 10 M ohms
    Nominal Output Level: OUTPUT jack: -20 dBu, LINE OUT jack: -20 dBu
    Output Impedance: OUTPUT jack: 1 k ohm, LINE OUT jack: 600 ohms
    Recommended Load Impedance: OUTPUT jack: 10 k ohms or greater, LINE OUT jack: 600 ohms or greater
    Bypass: Buffered bypass
    Controls: Pedal switch, ACOUSTIC RESONANCE knob, AMBIENCE knob, NOTCH knob
    Indicator: CHECK indicator (Serves also as battery check indicator)
    Connectors: INPUT jack: 1/4-inch phone type, OUTPUT jack: 1/4-inch phone type, LINE OUT jack: 1/4-inch TRS phone type, DC IN jack
    Power Supply: Alkaline battery (9V, 6LR61) or Carbon-zinc battery (9V, 6F22), AC adaptor (sold separately)
    Current Draw: 55 mA
    Expected battery life under continuous use: Alkaline: Approx. 6 hours
    * These figures will vary depending on the actual conditions of use.
    Accessories: Owner's manual, Leaflet ("USING THE UNIT SAFELY," "IMPORTANT NOTES," and "Information"), Alkaline battery (9V, 6LR61)
    Option (sold separately): AC adaptor (PSA series)

    2-7/8 x 5-1/8 x 2-3/8 inches wdh
    Weight (including battery): 1 lb

    CALIFORNIA PROPOSITION 65 WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm