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How to Change Electric Guitar Strings - VIDEO

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How to Change Strings on Electric Guitar | Fender Strat & Stratocaster-Style Guitars

Knowing how to replace electric guitar strings is one of the most essential skills you can have as a guitar player. Sure, you can take your guitar to get restrung at a guitar shop, but why pay for something that you can easily do yourself at home? Save yourself some time and money and learn how to change electric guitar strings.

How often should you replace guitar strings?

Whether you are a beginner player or a professional musician you're bound to pop a guitar string while playing at some point. However it is also recommended to change your strings regularly even if they haven't broken yet. No matter how well you care for your guitar, the strings will always eventually break down due to corrosion caused by the oil from your skin, sweat, dirt, etc.

For beginner players it is often recommended you change your strings around every 6 months, but this could vary depending on how often you play. If you don't play often, you may be able to wait longer, up to a year. Those who play often may need to change them more frequently, every few months or so.

That being said, how often you need to change strings is also a matter of preference - some players actually prefer the worn-in sound, while others prefer the sound of a fresh set.

How to tell if your guitar needs new strings;

  • Guitar strings rusty or discolored 
  • Tuning issues / "dull" sound - This can be caused by many factors, but if you're sure your guitar is properly intonated, then old strings could be the culprit). Aside from adding pop and brilliance to your chords and harmonics, new strings will contribute to a smoother and more lively playing experience.

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Watch the video below to learn how to fix broken electric guitar strings:

So if your guitar is sounding a bit lifeless and you haven't switched out those strings in a while, we encourage you to do so. Your fingers (and whoever is listening to you play) will thank you for it! Plus, it's just like riding a bicycle. Once you learn how to change those guitar strings, you'll never forget.

Need help choosing guitar strings? Email sales@austinbazaar.com / call 800-511-1322 and we'll be happy to assist you!

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