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Gifts for Musicians Under $50

Gifts for Musicians Under $50

Posted by Austin Bazaar on 1st Sep 2017

Gifts Under $50

Looking for the perfect gift for the musician in your life? We've rounded up these practical and affordable gifts for musicians. The FREE SHIPPING we offer on all orders makes these deals even sweeter, so get 'em while you can!

1. The Gift of Perfect Pitch


No matter what instrument you play, staying in tune is essential. The Korg TM-50 Tuner/Metronome in Black is highly responsive and works on any guitar, bass, ukulele or violin, making it a great choice for multi-instrumentalists. With two ways to tune, the TM-50 is the perfect practice partner! Also includes a metronome with a wide tempo range of 30-252 beats per minute. Available in black or pearl white.

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2. Never Miss A Beat

Turn your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch into a high-quality stereo recorder with the Tascam iM2W External Stereo Microphone. This microphone is super easy to use and small enough to fit in your pocket. With 125dB maximum level for recording loud concerts and instruments without distortion and adjustable 180 degrees front to back, this microphone is ideal for musicians on the go!

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3. Just Keep Strumming


Makala Waterman ukuleles are designed with those who love the great outdoors in mind! These water-resistant ukuleles are durable enough to take on camping trips or store in your car for impromptu jam sessions. Available in a variety of fun colors, these ukuleles make great gifts for children and adults alike.

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4. Always Be Prepared


Don't stress the details. Pick up a Fender Guitar Pick Sampler in California Clear or Tortoise Shell. These sampler packs come in a 24 pack or 48 pack with assorted sizing available. Fender picks provide comfort and high-performance flexibility for every performer, with a variety of sizes, shapes and thicknesses to suit the playing styles and preferences of every guitarist.

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5. Stringed Instrument Storage

Stagg SG-A008/1 BK Foldable Guitar Stand

Help bring some organization and clarity to the bedroom, jam space or studio with a Stagg Foldable Instrument Stand. This super-portable stand is compatible with both electric guitars and acoustic guitars, along with a variety of stringed instruments like ukulele, mandolin, or violin.

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6. A Standing Ovation

Gearlux Collapsible Music Stand

Practice makes perfect and the Gearlux Collapsible Vented Music Stand makes practicing even easier for dedicated musicians. This lightweight stand keeps sheet music and books in place during practice, and folds down to a compact size for traveling to and from practices and gigs.  

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7. On The Go

Hohner Harmonicas

Take the music on the go with our Hohner Harmonicas! Made in Germany, these harmonicas offer superior response, bendability and tone. A favorite among all types of musicians, these harmonicas make a great gift or new hobby! Available in a large range of keys and bundles.

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