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Girls Rock Austin Donations | Keep Girls Rockin!

Girls Rock Austin Donations | Keep Girls Rockin!

Posted by Austin Bazaar on 10th Sep 2015

Over the years, we have been honored to support a variety of inspiring programs and nonprofits from all over Texas. Austin Bazaar's most recent donation of musical instruments and audio gear went to Girls Rock Austin, a local branch of a worldwide alliance dedicated to empowering young women both on and offstage. For those who aren't familiar with Girls Rock Austin, here's some information about this awesome organization!

Girls Rock Austin was founded in 2007, joining an international Girls Rock Alliance that includes programs spanning from Madison, Wisconsin to Paris, France. Through summer camp sessions which involve classes, workshops, and public performances, girls who attend Girls Rock camps are encouraged to find their voice and have the opportunity to learn about all aspects of being a musician--from playing instruments to recording to making music videos.

Photo courtesy Girls Rock Austin

Sarah Schiff, Gear Coordinator for Girls Rock Austin, first attended a camp during her childhood in Brooklyn and enjoyed it so much that she became a volunteer shortly after. Schiff stressed that the camps provide a myriad of benefits for the young women who attend.

"Aside from learning an instrument they may or may not have ever had an opportunity to play before, they learn to be vocal about their own ideas as well as supportive of others' ideas, with other campers from all different backgrounds whom they may never otherwise have much opportunity to work with," Schiff said. "They learn about incredible women who have paved the way for musicians like them to go forth and be loud and be strong and be heard."

By recruiting former campers to volunteer at the summer camps, Girls Rock Austin also encourages the development of young women as leaders, mentors, and active members of their community. They also offer Youth Leadership Internships for former campers.

"Working in a female driven environment is really inspiring and makes me want to go forth and rock in every other aspect of my life," Schiff said. "Getting to collaborate on lesson plans for my students, and geek out about how amazing our campers are, sitting in on workshops from guest teachers, and seeing different talents from all the amazing volunteers and girls we work with every session is something you rarely get to experience anywhere else."

Image by Melissa Bryan, courtesy Girls Rock Austin

Girls Rock Austin's efforts to bring these opportunities to as many girls as possible includes their Esme Barrera Unlimited Possibilities Scholarship Fund, which provides full scholarships to girls who otherwise wouldn’t be able to afford to attend camp. 

Find out more about Girls Rock and their Unlimited Possibilities fund in the video below.

We are truly inspired by Girls Rock Austin and want to thank these hardworking women for fostering such an amazing environment and opportunity for girls! If you're interested in supporting GRA, check out their upcoming Rock-A-Thon or check out their website to find out how else you can help.

Want to get involved with Girls Rock Austin?

Along with donations and sponsorships, Girls Rock is always in need of volunteers (musical skills not required).

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