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Gifts for Kids: Musical Instruments

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Whether your kid is a beginner musician or the next Jimi Hendrix, there are plenty of musical instruments for kids out there that make great gifts. We've put together this kids gift guide to help you find the perfect musical gifts for your children.

1. Kala Dolphin & Shark Ukuleles

Kala Makala Shark & Dolphin Ukuleles

These Makala Dolphin and Shark Ukuleles are some of our most popular models for kids. Featuring quirky bridges shaped like creatures from the sea, these Makala soprano ukuleles are available in a wide variety of colors and are an excellent introduction to the world of music.

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2. Squier Mini Strat Electric Guitars

Squier Mini Electric Guitars

If you have a younger child that has shown interest in the electric guitar, a Squier Mini Strat might be the perfect fit. These scaled-down guitars make it easy for children to learn and play without sacrificing sound or quality. Our guitar bundles include everything your young one needs to start playing right away.

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3. Fender MA-1 3/4 Size Acoustic Guitars

Fender MA-1 Acoustic Guitars

There are so many acoustic guitars out there that it can be hard to choose one for your child - but if you're looking for a quality instrument that will sound and look good enough to encourage your child to play, look no further than the Fender MA-1 Acoustic Guitar. These 3/4 size guitars are available in bright, kid-friendly colors and are perfect for beginners and students. 

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4. Gearlux Bongo Set

Gearlux bongos

Gearlux bongo sets make great gifts for percussion-minded children. Available in different colors, these easy-to-play instruments are both fun and affordable.

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5. Gearlux Glockenspiel Bell Set

Gearlux Glockenspiel

How likely is it that your child could resist playing this Glockenspiel Bell Set? There are few musical instruments that are as simple to play (and pleasant to hear) as the glockenspiel, making it a great gift for younger children. This set comes with mallets and a handy carrying case.

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6. Moog Theremini

Moog Theremini

The final item on our list is sure to engage even the most musically gifted of children. The Moog Theremini is a touch-free synthesizer whose frequency and volume is controlled by waving your hands relative to two antennas. This unique instrument can create a wide variety of interesting sounds. Click here to learn more

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Need help choosing a gift? Call our team of experts at  1-800-511-1322 or email sales@austinbazaar.com.

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