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A cornerstone of popular music, the guitar offers a sound like no other.  It is available in a wide variety of styles from acoustic to electric, from the traditional 6 string to the more challenging 12 string guitar.  The nylon 6 string guitar features the warm, rich tones that can be heard in classical music, unlike its steel string counterpart, which produces a brighter tone.  For those looking for more of a challenge, playing the 12 string guitar produces a natural chorus effect, and can be heard in the blues or folk genres of music.  

The electric guitar combines beauty and power for versatile sound.  The pickups on this type of guitar transfer the sound of a resonating guitar string to an amplifier.  Single-coil pickups produce a thin, transparent sound, while double-coil pickups (also known as humbuckers) produce a warm, smooth sound.

Most styles of guitars come in a variety of tonewoods and sizes.  Common examples of tonewoods are maple, alder, and mahogany.  Denser woods create flatter, thicker tones while lightweight woods produce brighter tones. When deciding on the tonewood of a guitar, sound is generally considered the most important factor to take into account.

There are many different sizes of guitars, commonly referenced by fraction (e.g. ½ size) or measurement (e.g. 38”).  Most adults will want a full size guitar for maximum comfort and playability. A full-size guitar is 41” in length.  While less common, 7/8 size or 38” guitars are sometimes favorable for their compact size and shorter neck.  They are also more playable for guitarists with petite builds, small hands, or children.  Smaller guitars like ½ size (25 inch) are recommended for children.

From scaled down versions of the electric guitar (even left-handed ones) for the littlest musicians to full size solid-Mahogany acoustic guitars featuring legendary craftsmanship, you can be sure that we have the guitar that is right for you.

Watch a Demo of the APX500 Acoustic-Electric Guitar Below:


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