Kala Makala Ukuleles

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Makala ukuleles were developed by the popular Kala ukulele brand as the ideal beginner ukulele series. Their affordable price point, durability and simple construction make them perfect for beginners, without sacrificing on sound. 

For a no-frills but high-quality beginner ukulele, we recommend the Makala agathis series. Available in a variety of sizes, these popular ukuleles feature a subtle, natural wood grain and produce warm tones while giving you great sound and volume. If you're looking for something a little more unique, check out the Makala MK-P pineapple ukulele.

Our colorful Makala Dolphin soprano ukuleles are fun for both kids and adults. For the more daring, the Makala Shark soprano ukuleles feature a shark bridge and come in matte jewel tones.