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Stagg Microphone Clamp

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Stagg Microphone Clamp

Austin Bazaar is an authorized Stagg dealer.

  • Rubber Microphone Clamp
  • Ideal for tapered-body mics
  • Fits standard and European mic stands
  • Fits 23mm-29mm / 0.9 - 1.1in. mics
  • ROHS compliant

  • Stagg's rubber microphone clip is ideal for attaching most tapered microphones to any mic stand. The hard rubber construction firmly grips the mic while providing exceptional durability. Standard plastic mic clips have a susceptibility to breaking when a stand is knocked over, but Stagg's rubber clip will stand up to the rigors of the road. Fits 23mm-29mm mics, and is ROHS compliant.
    • SKU: STA-MH-6AH
    • Model Number: MH-6AH