Gearlux Baritone Ukulele Hard Case - Gold Tweed (31-Inch Length)

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Gearlux Baritone Ukulele Hard Case - Gold Tweed (31-Inch Length)

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Tough and sturdy, Gearlux brand accessories are built to last. Protection and portability come together on this Gearlux Baritone Ukulele Hardshell Case. This baritone ukulele hard-shell case is a necessity for all players, from beginners to experts. Use this quality ukulele hard-shell case when you travel with your baritone ukulele to protect it from dust and exposure, and to make it easier to carry to a gig or a backyard barbecue.

Spacious Headstock Area
With the narrowest width being 4", the upper headstock area will easily accomodate most ukuleles and even allow for the storage of smaller accessories, like cloths or strings.

Durable and Secure
Featuring a secure slot for holding your ukulele's neck, this case is built to last while keeping your ukulele safe. In addition, the interior compartment will safely hold your accessories, like a tuner and capo.

Accommodating Body Compartment
The body compartment on this Gearlux ukulele case is made to fit most baritone ukuleles. The material is made of a polyfoam that compresses to snugly hold your ukulele once inside.

Internal dimensions:
Full length 31"
Body length 16"
Body depth 5"
Upper bout 8"
Waist 7.5"
Lower bout 10.5"
Headstock width 5"
  • SKU: GLX-EUC-100TW-B
  • Model Number: EUC-100TW-B