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DigiTech FS3X Standard 3-Button Footswitch

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DigiTech FS3X Standard 3-Button Footswitch

Austin Bazaar is an authorized DigiTech dealer.

  • Increase functionality
  • Hands-free control
  • Compatible with several DigiTech products
  • Compact size means it won't take up a lot of space

  • The DigiTech FS3X 3-button footswitch is a welcome addition to several DigiTech products - The JamMan and Expression Factory to name a few. The FS3X footswitch provides increased functionality and convenient Hands-free control over UP/DOWN selection of Models, Mode changes, Loop selection, auto START/STOPS and arms auto record where applicable. The FS3X has a durable 3 button metal chassis construction and comes with a 10' stereo TRS cable. Get the most out of your DigiTech products while performing or practicing with the FS3X 3-button footswitch!
    • SKU: DIG-FS3XV
    • Model Number: FS3XV