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Gifts for Ukulele Lovers

Gifts for Ukulele Lovers

Posted by Austin Bazaar on 5th Nov 2015

Ukulele Gift Guide

Not sure what to get for an aspiring ukulele player or seasoned ukulele lover? We've got you covered!

Beginner Ukulele Bundles

If you're giving a ukulele to a first-time player, we highly suggest getting a beginner ukulele bundle. These packages include essential accessories like ukulele tuners, cases and instructional DVDs. Save yourself time and money and guarantee your gift recipient has everything they need to start playing.

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Makala Ukuleles

Makala Ukuleles

If you're looking to get someone their first ukulele, look no further than the Makala Series. Kala is known for making quality ukes, and their makala line is the perfect start for any beginner. These no-frills ukuleles are available in a concert, tenor, and baritone sizes. 

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Waterman Ukuleles

Waterman Ukulele Bundles

One of the most exciting ukuleles is the  Waterman Ukulele. These durable, water-resistant ukuleles are great for outdoor adventurers and active youth. They're also available in a variety of cool colors, including a very unique all clear version.

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Ukulele Buying Guide

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