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Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 The Ultimate Guitar-to-USB Interface

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Behringer Guitar Link UCG102 The Ultimate Guitar-to-USB Interface

Austin Bazaar is an authorized Behringer dealer.

  • Plug in your favorite guitar and turn your pc or mac computer into a guitar amp and recording system without the need for any other hardware
  • Enjoy immediate access to Guitar Combos from Native Instruments--a leading guitar amp and stomp box modeling software--now including VST, AU and RTAS plugin versions
  • Directly works with your PC or Mac computer--ultra-low latency ASIO driver for PC audio optimization included
  • Stereo Headphone output lets you jam with your computer and can also be used for monitoring with active monitor speakers
  • Guitar Combos with variable-speed file playback function for MP3, WAV, AIFF audio files--perfect for easy learning and practicing--tuner and metronome function

  • The UCG102 is a USB interface that, like a guitar amp, receives signal from your guitar via a 1/4" input jack. A built-in USB cable then sends signal directly to your computer, where the amazing included software package simulates guitar amps and stomp boxes, in addition to tracking your latest masterpiece. It has a 1/4" headphone jack and Phones volume dial so you can monitor your performance as you record, a Clip LED to tell you when your signal is too hot, and a Hi/Lo level selector. Included with the UCG102 is Native Instruments' "AC Box Guitar Combo," which emulates one of the most iconic 1960s British amps with its original cabinet impulse response, Tremolo effect, spring Reverb and Treble Boost pedal. Also included are a precision tuner, metronome and a variety of stomp boxes for stunningly real amplifier tones. The variable-speed virtual tape deck lets you play along with your favorite artists and backing tracks, or to record your own ideas. Whether you're a guitar ace, novice home recording buff or a jack-of-all trades songwriter in need of a souped-up guitar presence, the UCG102 is the accessory for you. For an incredibly low price, you can bridge your favorite axe to your home computer while applying a virtual treasure trove of vintage gear and killer multitracking software.

    Guitar In
    Connector: 1/4" TRS
    Input Impedance (High): 250k?
    Input Impedance (Low): 400k?

    Phones Out
    Connector: 1/4' TRS
    Output Impedance: approx. 50?
    Max. Output pegel: -dBu, 2 x 3.7 mW @ 100?

    USB 1.1
    Connector: type A

    Digital Processing
    Converter: 16-bit converter
    Sample rate: 32.0/44.1/48 kHz

    Power Supply
    USB Connection: 5V, 100mA max.

    Dimensions (HXWXD): Approx. 1 (24.6mm) X 2 (50.8mm) X 3 3/4" (95.6 mm)
    Cable Length: approx 59/10" (15cm)
    Weight: approx 0.198 lbs / 0.09kg

    System Requirements (PC/MAC)
    Operating System: Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win 8.1 / MAC OS X
    Processor Min. (PC): Pentium 700 MHz / Athlon XP 1.33 GHz
    Processor Min (MAC): G4 733 MHz / Intel Core Duo 1.66
    Ram (PC): 256 MB
    Ram (MAC): 512 MB